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Anhui Xingxin Company was established in January 2008, with an area of about 133,400 square meters. Anhui Xingxin Company is the Wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaoxing Xingxin New Material Co., Ltd., with an investment of CNY 80 million. As a professional development, production and sales company of fine chemical products, Anhui Xingxin Company is committed to the development and production of new materials, flame retardants and other products. Now, our products are receiving high reputations for advanced production technology and stable product quality. Taking the advantages of upstream Shaoxing Xingxin Company on material, we adopt continuous production process to improve the production efficiency greatly. In the first phase, a triethylenediamine production plant with an annual output of 3,000 tons has been built, and was officially put into production in early 2017. The second phase the piperazine series project with annual output of 8,800 tons is under construction.


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